Michelle Pratt, Real Estate Advisor

Michelle is a native Detroiter whose personal journey has taken her and her husband Woody from meeting in college in Kalamazoo, Michigan to multiple career assignments on the East Coast and the Midwest but extended family and the beauty of Colorado kept calling them West.

In 2018, Michelle, Woody, their daughter, and little Yorkie decided to pivot their East Coast life for a family-focused adventure in Denver. This big move allowed them to be close to aging parents, extended family and fulfill a long-term goal.

Michelle joins Thrive following a successful career in corporate retail leadership, holding Group Vice President positions within multiple Fortune 500 companies. She spent most of her corporate career within the home furnishings arena. She built a $400m business with a successful team, designing and globally sourcing home products while negotiating multi-million dollar manufacturing contracts. Michelle brings strong strategy, financial execution, and communication skills while maintaining a collaborative approach to success. She applies these honed skills to fully represent and serve the needs of her clients.

When arriving in Denver 3 years ago, they had such a terrific experience in their home search with Thrive that when Michelle was looking to apply her design/remodeling background, staging skills, and passion for real estate, she found there wasn’t a better place to launch her career in real estate.

In her off-hours, Michelle loves painting, gardening, running, skiing, and participating in her neighborhood activities such as the Bonnie Brae Wine Club.

Favorite Quote: "When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like, 'Whaat?" - Phil Dunphy